Fully-interactive, improv-based theatre company travels anywhere in Canada to the venue you have booked

Terry Shane Murder Mysteries is a Calgary-based company with troupes in Edmonton, Vancouver, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and Toronto who were trained and have worked with us for years.   We are a fully-interactive, improv-based theatre company who can travel anywhere in Western and now Eastern Canada to the venue you have booked.  We’ve been sleuthing since 1989 with professional writers, actors and comedians providing clients with quality comedic mysteries at an affordable rate.

We specialize in:


We go beyond murder mysteries, offering any kind of improv entertainment you may have in mind.  We have provided improv actors as Unexpected Guests; plants in your workplace, the date you’ve been dying to introduce to people or your long-lost cousin at your next BBQ.   We’ve recreated the show “Dallas” on a ranch for 500 guests from Rogers, we’ve performed skits for a safety show for Enbridge, and wrote and performed a Las Vegas staged script at a fun money casino, then interacted with the guests in character just to name a few.  It’s endless what you can dream up and achieve!  We are a team of creative performers and writers who have been working together for years providing one great show after another. 


Over cocktails, you’ll be introduced to your characters and immersed in the theme of the evening, whether it’s a roaring 20’s mafia theme, a wedding, or a funeral, just as an example.  The actors will mingle among your guests, breaking the ice and creating comic scenes.  As dinner is served, the action starts.  Because it’s not staged theatre, guests still talk amongst themselves and are only needed to watch bigger scenes a few times over the course of the night, which makes for a great flowing event. 

From heated arguments to clues dropped at your table, you are given the chance to talk to all the characters as they come table to table.  Just about every show has an interactive component, such as the Pig Hollering competition in the Hillbilly Wedding, or an 80’s Trivia Contest in the High School Reunion or a Dating Game in our Valentines Show. No one is forced to participate, we only take willing guests while their friends or co-workers look on and laugh (and take pictures for later blackmailing).

There are stabbings, gunfire, poisonings and hangings, most of which happens right in front of your eyes.  The ever-clever detective leads an investigation in which you are fully involved.   Physical evidence is placed on a table for you to peruse and analyze.  Early on, you are provided a list of suspects and a ballot you fill out at the end of the show, which are collected before the summation is revealed to you.  We hand out a certificate to the person with the best answer and even a Bumbling Fool certificate to the funniest answer.

We just do the entertainment, and leave the venue and dinner plan to you, so you have full control over your night.  We can show up anywhere:  Your house, a restaurant, a hotel, community centres, or whatever fits your group!

Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Barry, Moncton
Phone number: 403-703-5337 || Toll-free: 1-855-MURDER1 (1-855-687-3371)
Troupes in locations across Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Barry, Moncton