Actors Bios


Detective Terry Shane

  • Has been solving crimes since 1989
  • Doesn’t really exist, though he gets most of the phone calls
  • Can be played by a man or a woman, hence the name Terry
  • Can’t understand why everyone’s always laughing during his murder investigation
  • Wanted for: crashing corporate Christmas parties, team builders, and other events

Janet St. Germain

  • Title: GODMOTHER, ruling over this entire syndicate, since 1999
  • AKA: Fifi LaTrick, Karma Mystikka, Dr Penny Trayshin, Nelli Woodsay
  • Still rocks out to any 80’s song
  • Isn’t sure what she wants to do when she grows up so she stays in school
  • Recently obtained her WSET III, which was just a good excuse to make her friends bring over much better and more expensive wine
  • Wanted for: faking an asthma attack to get out of a speeding ticket

Brendan Hunter

  • Creative Director / Master of Micro-Mysteries
  • AKA:  Serge, T-Dawg, Rhinestone Reverend
  • Accomplishments:
    • Award winning film maker
    • Touring Voice Actor for animation and video games,
    • Always the 2nd funniest guy in the room.
  • Wanted For: Shorts too tight, butt too noticeable

Tom Blazejewicz

  • Title: Edmonton Producer
  • AKA: Detective Terry Shane, Waldo Brundizzi, Mee-Maw
  • Fled Poland and Ottawa Ontario, last seen in the Edmonton area.
  • Ghostwriter, playwright, painter, photographer, actor.
  • Nominated for an acting award at the Macabre Film Festival in New York in 2017.
  • Wanted for: Overworking, making great cappuccinos, convention improv in the 404th degree.

Dan Desmarais

  • Title: Ottawa Producer
  • Aka: Detective Terry Shane, Dr. Watson, Serge.
  • Aka Aka: The invisible man
  • Rumor has it he’s in Ottawa, Ontario but he’s never been seen.
  • Accomplishments: Award winning actor, international interactive site-specific actor in historical buildings, 30+ IMDB credits and ranked in the top 100,000 actors in the world (up 4,393,538 this week)
  • Fears: Balloons (they can pop at any second, evil things), Urinals (they always flush…when I’m still there)
  • Wanted for: scientific experiments.

Brennan Garnett

  • Title: New Brunswick Producer
  • AKA: Chef pepe, Terry Shane, Donovan, Inspector Dijon, Santa
  • Writer/Director
  • Has some killer dance moves… pun intended
  • Wanted for murdering popular hit song “Don’t Stop Believing” in what can only be described as a karaoke catastrophe

Anne McMaster

  • Title: Toronto Producer (and most places all over Ontario)
  • AKA: Fifi LaTrick, Bunny Brundizzi, Penny Trashin
  • Accomplishments: Making Your Boss Laugh. 20+ years in the comedy business, award-winning writer & performer, her 13 year old son thinks she is “cringe”. Knows every comedian in Canada. This is not a brag, it’s a cry for help.
  • Wanted For: Shedding sequins across Ontario

Michelle McLernon

  • Title: Red Deer Producer
  • AKA: Kat Stocking, Fifi LaTrick, Birdie Partridge, Lily-Beth, Buddy the Elf, Herb
  • Accomplishments: Actor, teacher, chaos coordinator, photo bandit, sun seeker, and chocolate fanatic. Traveled the world, spun around 5 times blindfolded and accidently ended up in Red Deer. Miraculously survives Canadian winters with minor grumbling. Trained with director Baz Luhrmann. Performed at the Commonwealth Games
  • Wanted for: Russian roulette of accents and coercion of costume parties.

Rachel Kent

  • Title: Vancouver Producer
  • AKA: Fifi LaTrick, Rita Scallopini, Terry Shane, Dr. Penny Tration
  • Accomplishments: can make up a song about anything on the spot, makes a mean apple pie, and an oat milk cappucino to die for.
  • Wanted For: using puns to incur bodily harm and mental distress

Alyssa Hudson

  • Title: Grande Prairie Producer
  • AKA: MeMa, Herb, Terry Shane
  • Education: National Theatre School of Canada – Actor
  • Related Interests: Alberta Playwrights Network Board Member, Spotlight
    Performance Collective Founding Member
  • Spotted: Around Grande Prairie teaching their youngsters theatre games.
  • Wanted for: Her collection of wigs and postiche.

Stacey Tates

  • Title: Saskatoon Producer
  • AKA: Karma, Nelly and Rita
  • Musical Theatre actor, Choir member, former SSP board member
  • Besides on stage she is a techie extraordinaire, dealer of props, dabbler in Stage Management
  • Best night out: Karaoke with friends, games nights and tracing genealogy
  • Wanted for: Her collection of wigs and postiche.

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